Under construction bathroom remodel

Be clear about what you want

Communicate Your Project Expectations

Spring is a great time to do home improvement projects. The best way to avoid delays and frustrations is to communicate clearly and keep everyone in the loop. Oftentimes, your plumbing needs have to be coordinated with other contractors and specialists when doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel. You will have to coordinate different schedules, so it is not something that happens overnight. Recently there have been supply chain delays on a variety of products as a result of Covid and shipping delays related to the Suez canal. There are a number of things that can go wrong, so prepare yourself first for the things that can happen that are out of your control and the control of the people you are hiring.

Here are some tips to help make your remodel go more smoothly.

  1. Be on the same page with your fellow decision makers. If you are remodeling with your spouse or partner, come to a consensus on what you want before your hire a contractor.
  2. Get multiple bids and make sure the companies you are talking to are licensed. Cutting corners will end up costing you sooner or later.
  3. Get opinions from your contractor on the finishes or products you are buying yourself for the job. They may have insights that you don’t have about the products you are buying.
  4. Be patient and give everyone time to coordinate. For a kitchen or bathroom, you will likely need a plumber, an electrician and a contractor for tile, cabinetry and other parts.
  5. Most of all communicate more than less. The more everyone is aware of your expectations and concerns, the more likely you will be happy with the finished product.

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