AC Rebates from PNM

Take advantage of rebates up to $400 when we install energy efficient equipment.

Limit two (2) cooling rebates per PNM residential electric customer account. Rebates are for existing homes only. New homes do not qualify. Rebates will be paid while funds are available. Rebate eligibility requirements are subject to change without notice, including early termination of this promotion.

To be eligible for program rebates, refrigerated air conditioner systems must meet the following minimum efficiency requirements: For a $200 rebate, Split Systems must have a minimum SEER of 15 and EER of 12.5; Packaged Systems must be at least SEER 15 and EER of 12. For a $300 rebate, Split Systems have a minimum SEER of 16 and EER of 13; Packaged Systems must be at least SEER 16 and EER of 12. For a $400 rebate, Refrigerated Air Systems must have a minimum SEER of 18 and EER of 13. Refrigerated air conditioners must be installed by a registered program contractor listed on to be eligible for the rebate. Equipment for which a rebate is requested must be in new, unused condition. This rebate is good for purchases made March 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 or while rebate funds are available for this program. Rebate requests must be submitted within 60 days of system installation date. The rebate paid will not exceed the purchase price of the product (excluding taxes, shipping, and installation charges).


Cool Rebates

Just as temperatures warm up, PNM has some cool rebates.

PNM Cooling Rebate

How Evaporative Coolers Work
A simple example is the cooling you feel when
stepping out of a swimming pool—the water
evaporates quickly from your body, taking heat with
it. Evaporative coolers do essentially the same thing
by drawing hot air through wet pads using a fan or
blower. As water evaporates from the pads, it takes
heat from the air with it, resulting in up to 25°F
cooler air being discharged from the unit.
Energy Savings
An evaporative cooler consumes only one-fourth of
the electricity of a refrigerated air conditioning unit.

Spring Cooler Rebates

The PNM Cooling Rebate program reduces the cost for residential customers to purchase and install certain energy-efficient cooling equipment in their homes. There are two main ways to cool your home, evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning. Both of these options include several technologies that qualify for a rebate.

In New Mexico a Swamp Cooler is a pretty familiar cooling system. Evaporative Cooling, referred to as “swamp cooling”, is used to lower air temperature by using water evaporation. Dry, warm air is cooled, with moist air and the heat outside is used to evaporate water. This causes cooling.

Also, Save on Your Seasonal Change Over

Summer is warming up, cooler days for you ahead

Time to Schedule Maintenance

Heat Trends and Air Conditioning

dirty ac compressor coilWe have been telling everyone for a couple months now that the heat would sneak up on you. How’s your air conditioning unit working? It’s June and that means warmer temperatures. Based on June averages, New Mexico can see it’s hottest temperatures of the year at the end of June and beginning of July. Combine that with higher precipitation trends in July and your swamp cooler can’t even keep up. Dirty air conditioning units can reduce efficiency.

Swamp Coolers

June is a time for making sure your equipment is running optimally. If you are running an evaporative cooler, you need to make sure to refresh your pads and make sure connections are clear of mineral build up. Pads need to be getting thoroughly saturated for full cooling potential. Caring for you cooler is a lot of work, schedule routine maintenance with us to stay on top of it.

Refrigerated Air Conditioners

If you really want to keep cool with the smallest amount of work, then you should convert that swamp cooler or upgrade that low efficiency air conditioning unit. Jones Mechanical is your HVAC expert that can walk you through the right unit for your space.

I can’t tell you what a difference it has made since we switched to refrigerated air. We’ve had it a couple years now and besides normal up-keep it has been worry free. It keeps the house right where I want it on a hot day.

Call Jones Mechanical to schedule a Free Estimate for changing your old cooler into an air conditioner.

For refrigerated air conditioning maintenance, it is recommended that you do an annual check-up. We aim to keep the unit running in optimal condition and maintain it’s energy efficiency. Regular cleaning of your air conditioning compressor and coils is recommended in New Mexico weather conditions. Rio Rancho air conditioning units and air filters collect a lot of dust and require cleaning and replacements. Jones Mechanical annual customers receive an annual check up that includes evaluations and recommendations.

Our check up includes:

  • Checking temperature variance between the home’s thermostat and the unit.  We don’t want to see energy efficiency go out of wack by 5 degrees and suddenly your electric bill is rising with the temperature.
  • Check freon levels. Decline in efficiency can indicate other problems like low freon levels.
  • Checking condition of compressor / coils. Regular cleaning to make sure coils are free of dust and debris is recommended.
  • Check home for carbon monoxide emissions.

For an additional fee, we will include:

  • Complete cleaning of AC Coil and removal of debris from the compressor.
  • Clean and evaluate compressor unit.
  • Charge Freon if needed.
  • Replace air flow filter if appropriate.

Changing your air filter on a regular schedule is highly advised in Rio Rancho’s dust, wind and heat.

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Change over to swamp cooler

Warm temperatures are rising fast. Don’t be caught off-guard by a sudden heat wave. Contact Jones Mechanical and get your seasonal change over scheduled today! No need to mess with it yourself. Your mechanical team can do it for you. Take the hassles out of the annual ritual of changing from your heater to your evaporative cooler. We can do it for you.

If you are looking to make the big move to refrigerated cooling, we can help you there too. Ask us about switching to a new energy efficient Airtemp AC system and keep the cold air coming rain or shine.

Air Conditioning Rebates from PNM

Air Conditioning Rebates

In the middle of the day, summertime, you have to run your cooler all the time. And if it rains forget it.

Spring is officially here. Before the heat takes you by surprise, now is a great time to upgrade to a new air conditioning system. These incentives from PNM are for improving the energy efficiency of your home’s cooling system. See the chart for savings and call us to schedule a consultation for the right system for your home.

Air Conditioning Rebates from PNM - rebate table

Swamp coolers fail, when the rain comes. Take control of your air conditioning in your home. Buy a new cooler or upgrade to a refrigerated air conditioning system.

Evaporative Cooling Rebates from PNM

PNM Cooling Rebate

Jones Mechanical Services

You will be amazed by the difference a new cooling system can make on both your utility bill and the overall comfort of your home.

“We upgraded from a swamp cooler to a new Airtemp air conditioning system and our home has never been more comfortable. I have an office in our home, so I spend more time here than most people end up being home. In the middle of the day, summertime, you have to run your cooler all the time. And if it rains forget it. We got this new air conditioner and it’s helped on the electric bill and it keeps the house a whole lot cooler.”