Do you know where your plunger is?

And other questions you want to ask yourself before you have company…

What are top plumbing nightmares that happen during the holidays?

Survey Says

  1. Garbage Disposal Clogged or Jammed.
    There are a couple of reasons disposals get jammed, clogged, or backed up. Other than our standard harp of keeping fats like bacon grease out of your pipes (that goes for fatty turkey drippings too), keep peels like potato, carrot, beet out of the disposal. And never put egg shells or lemon/lime peels down either. Fibrous vegetables jam the levers and can clog/stop a disposal. Just remember to take it easy on your disposal, It probably can’t handle being stuffed full and then turned on suddenly. And always run warm water first before using the disposal and always run water while operating your disposal.
  2. Toilet gets stopped up.
    If you are having company and you have a finicky toilet, you should have us look at it in advance. Best practices include, keeping a waste basket next to the toilet and dispose of facial tissues and feminine napkins in the trash not the toilet. Over eating can add to toilet time, so try to get guests to use multiple bathrooms if possible and keep your plunger handy.
  3. Hot Water Heater Fails.
    It is always best to flush your hot water heater once or twice a year depending on your use. This will help keep your heater from going critical on you unexpectedly. If you are having guests, try to space out when people are showering. You may need to get up earlier to shower. Another common problem may be your pilot light going out on your hot water heater. Additional hustle and bustle and colder temps can contribute to pilot lights getting blown out. If you don’t know how to light your pilot, have us show you the next time we are out. Without the pilot lit a gas heater can’t achieve ignition.

Happy Thanksgiving – Plumbing Tips

Are you ready for Company? Here are some plumbing tips to keep you on top of your game.

Are you going to be having company this Thanksgiving? If you’d like to stay ahead of common houseguest plumbing problems, pay attention to these details

  • Don’t put these common items down the kitchen garbage disposal:
    1) turkey fat, ham fat, bacon grease 2) potato peelings 3) onion skins 4) coffee grinds.
  • Always have a waste basket next to the toilet. And keep everything but toilet paper out of the toilet. If children are present, you may need to remind them.
  • Keep Your Plunger handy. Increased use may lead to unexpected back-ups.

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