City Hydrant Flushing

Keeping the city’s fire hydrant system operational requires regular maintenance. Here what you need to know about hydrant flushing when it’s happening in your neighborhood. One of the biggest sign of a hydrant flush is a large amount of water in gutters and storm drains. One side effect can be the water from your tap may become discolored. If this happens, run the cold water through your faucet for 3-5 minutes and it should clear up.

Performed properly, UDF saves significant amounts of water, improves water quality, and pays immense dividends in asset awareness and management for years to come. Data collection is done during the flushing sequences and it will be uploaded to the City’s hydraulic model; it is important to update the flow and pressure data obtained from the sequences as they are being performed.

Signs will be placed at the entrance to the flushing zones a few days prior to flushing. Door hangers will be manually placed in the area a few days before the scheduled flushing. Please see below for flushing areas.

Just like the plumbing in your home, the routine maintenance of our hydrant system has cost saving benefits. Call Jones Mechanical today to learn more about our maintenance plans that help keep your plumbing and HVAC in top operation condition.