Holiday Plumbing Emergency Survival Guide

Happy Holidays!

The Holidays are full of plumbing challenges that can be overcome with a little preparation. You want to prepare especially if you are having company. You never know when your niece might use a shampoo that makes your septic tank foam over or when your 12 year old is going to help clean up by dumping bacon grease down the drain. Here are some holiday tips and emergency numbers in case your have a plumbing emergency in Rio Rancho this season.


Preventive Measures

  1. Keep a bacon/grease container under the sink and make sure to remind “helpers” to use it. An old coffee can or glass jar kept in the kitchen can prevent a call to the plumber. When grease is hot, it is liquid. But, when it hits the cold pipes it goes solid quickly and if anything else is backing up your line the whole thing becomes clogged.
  2. Ugh. Hair clogging the drain! There are a number of non-corrosive enzymes available that can break down the hair without breaking down your pipes. However, if you have a clogged tub already, you may need to call out your plumber to clear unclog your drain. Then you can maintain it with the enzyme.
  3. Keep your pipes above 40º, especially if you are traveling. The easiest mistake to make is to think you can save money by turning off the heat while you are gone. A ruptured pipe is way more expensive than your heating bill. Another good idea is to cover your outside faucets and insulate/warm exposed pipes that might be susceptible to freeze and rupture.
  4. Make sure to change your air filter monthly. Winter’s dry and windy conditions add to dust build up in air filters. More sensitive machines can shut down if the air flow is restricted by a dirty filter. For best performance in desert conditions, you should change them out monthly.


  1. Know where your water main shut-off is and know how to shut it down if you have a rupture.
  2. Have your emergency numbers available or programmed into your phone.
    Jones Mechanical – (505)934-0817
    Rio Rancho Fire Department:

    • Station #1: 2810 Southern Blvd.
    • Station #2: 1490 Cherry Road
    • Station #3: 1650 Riverside Drive
    • Station #4: 3309 19th Avenue
      (non-operational/equipment storage only)
    • Station #5: 5301 Santa Fe Hills Blvd.
    • Station #6: 3125 Mariposa Parkway
    • Station #7: 641 Rockaway Blvd.
    • Burn Line: 505-891-7268
  3. If you smell gas – a rotten egg odor – or if you suspect that you have a gas leak, leave the building immediately and call the New Mexico Gas Company emergency line at (888)664-2726.

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